Connecting Colorado’s Jewish Teens

NCSY Fills the Need for Spiritual Growth, Guest Blog by Aliza


As teenagers, we are no strangers to growth. We spend most of our time in high school where we are devoted to growing into college-ready young adults. But amidst this academic and sensible growth, I think we are missing one key piece to the puzzle of “growing up” – spiritual growth.

When I was a sophomore in high school, I was very focused on my studies and my future. I knew that I wanted to be the most prepared when I left home and started my independent life. I did everything that I needed to make that a reality. That summer, however, my perspective changed. I spent five weeks on NCSY’s Jewish Overseas Leadership Training program (JOLT). The participants and advisors on JOLT introduced this radically new idea of spiritual growth. Suddenly, I was faced with endless possibilities and the realization that being prepared for “adult” life does not stop at a high school diploma. I began to realize that connecting with my roots and strengthening my passion for Judaism would be crucial through my next stages in life.

The semester after I got back from JOLT, I was privileged enough to be part of the group of teens and adults creating a NCSY chapter here in Denver. Although NCSY has been in Denver before, there has not been an active group in a few years, so restarting the programming wasn’t easy. With the support of Jewish teens and families, we managed to start programming in January of 2016. Since then we have had numerous events, created a strong teen board, and established ourselves as one of Denver’s Jewish youth groups.

NCSY has also given me and my fellow participants the opportunity to connect with Jewish teens from around the country and around the world. From summer programs to our annual international convention (Yarchei Kallah), NCSY allows Jewish teenagers to see their peers being passionate about Judaism and thus inspires them to grow their own passion and continue on their spiritual journeys. 

I am so proud to be part of an organization that reaches out to Jewish youth and provides them with the platform to strengthen their connection to Judaism. Through NCSY, I truly believe that Jewish teens can grow their spiritual foundations on which they will live the rest of their lives.

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