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Interview with Molly Auerbach, Emory University Student

by Arielle W., Senior Denver Jewish Day School

Molly Auerbach is a current sophomore at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. Born and raised in Denver Colorado, Molly grew up in a conservative home and attended Denver Jewish Day School. Everything in her life was centered around Judaism, from school to Jewish summer camp (Camp RHMA). Molly, a very academically minded student, chose to attend Emory, a place to harness her religious beliefs and academic curiosity. Molly is majoring in Math with a minor in Hebrew.

Q: What factors influenced your final decision to attend Emory?

M: The Jewish community, mid-size school, and knowing how many opportunities there were to take advantage of.

Q:What made you decide to go to a big school or a small school?

M: I decided to go to a medium school because my whole life I went to a small school (Denver JDS) and was ready for a change. However, I was not ready to step into a large state school environment. It was the perfect balance for me to challenge myself socially as well as maintaining a smaller school environment.

Q:What do you like most and what do you like least about your college?  

M: I love my friends and how involved I am within the Emory community. I love everything about Emory and usually when people ask me what I like least the only thing I can think of is how stressful registering for classes is.

Q: What activities are you involved with on your campus?

M: I am on Hillel Executive board, tour guide, Emory students for Israel, Emory Reads (a tutoring volunteer program), work study, FACE (Food Advisory Committee at Emory), as well as  Greek Life.

Q: How would you describe your social life on campus?

M: Very good, there is always something going on and people are very open and always want to make new friends.

Q: What do you do on the weekends?

M: I have a social life but in great balance with my studies. It never gets in the way of my ability to perform well acedemically but I am still able to have fun.

Q: What do you do for stress relief?

M: Go to the gym. Emory has very nice facilities for all students to utilize .

Q:  What kind of Jewish activities does the school put on that you attend and what does it entail?

M: I go to shabbat services every Friday night, it includes a free dinner. They also put on holiday services for students and various events throughout the week. It is available to all students, both Jewish and people wanting to explore the religion.

Q: Do you feel that you are as involved, more involved, or less involved in Judaism today than in high school?

M: The same because I put the effort in.  I attended a Jewish high school, Jewish camps, and was raised in a Jewish practicing household making it always easy to be involved. But in college I have to want to be Jewish and practice Judaism to stay involved. It is definitely not handed to you on a silver platter. Yet, there are so many different ways to practice on campus.

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