Connecting Colorado’s Jewish Teens

Let’s Talk Israel- Framework and Tools for Engaging with Teens in Honest and Open Discussions around Israel

Many of us consider Israel a part of our Jewish identities and yet discussions around Israel carry with them challenges- do we talk politics or ignore it? Do we speak about the positive or try for balance? Do we instead focus on pop culture, technological advances and science? And, no matter what our personal perspectives are, how can we talk about a complex land so far away with confidence? 

How we personally relate to Israel and how our teens, their families and our institutions relate to Israel varies tremendously. We will explore our own conceptions and challenges around this issue, if and why it is important to us to bring it into the discussions we have with our teens as well as, when and why we talk and when and why we are silent. Most importantly, we will review suggested frameworks for Israel related discussions and tools that will encourage honest, real and productive discussions that engage and connect our teens, foster an inclusive environment and serve our educational goals. This workshops is for everyone.

Osnat Fox is JEWISHcolorado’s Israel Emissary (“Shlichah”), a non-governmental position of the Jewish Agency for Israel funded by JEWISHcolorado. She came here for a three year term to bring Israel to Colorado and Colorado to Israel. She works to Educate, connect and advocate for Israel through talks and programing, being a resource to the community and working with the JEWISHcolorado’s partnership region of Ramat HaNegev in Israel. She is here with her family, her husband Shalom who is a water researcher and three boys, Shahar, Sagi and Yogev. Osnat has a bachelor degree in Psychology and a master’s degree in Education policy and management. At 19 she was a welfare noncommissioned officer and commander in the IDF. Later she co-founded and led the youth programs and community empowerment in YEELA, a community project with Hillel at the Hebrew university in Jerusalem. She taught and served as area manager in Mind lab, a program teaching mind skills through games, and for the last three years was a high school teacher in Yeruham, a town in the Israeli south periphery where she taught Math, Psychology and gender studies.  Osnat’s big passion is education and she welcomes honest and complex discussions as the best way towards understanding and connecting with people. She is proud to be an Israeli and loves her work where she can combine her professional and personal passions.

December 14, 9 am – 11 am

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