Connecting Colorado’s Jewish Teens

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jHub is an excellent way for your organization to make an even greater impact on the Jewish teens in our community. All Jewish organizations that serve teens (6th – 12th grade) in Colorado are eligible to participate in jHub. There are two levels of membership that convey different benefits and responsibilities.

Strategic Membership:

Strategic members must provide informal Jewish education experiences for teens in 6th-12th grade and receive the following benefits:

  • One vote per organization on all general voting matters.

  • Receive weekly bulletins and newsletters.

  • Listed on jHub website and can post events on the calendar.

  • Opportunity to have staff serve as committee chairs and on executive committee.

  • Exclusive first rights to all professional development events.

  • Opportunity to apply for programs such as Scholarships, Innovation Awards, etc.

  • Ability to post volunteer and job opportunities.

Responsibilities in order to remain in Good Standing:

  • Pay yearly membership dues of $104. Dues will support jHub programming and events. Organizations that cannot afford dues may request a discount.

  • One member from the organization must attend at least 50% of general meetings.

  • The purpose of jHub is to strengthen the group as a whole and reach un- and under-engaged teens. Joint programs are an integral part of the work conducted by jHub, therefore all Strategic Members are strongly encouraged to send at least one staff member to each jHub program. In addition, jHub members will advertise jHub programs to their youth.

Associate Membership:

  • Listed on the jHub website and can post events on the calendar.

  • Receive weekly bulletins and newsletters.

  • Can participate and come to meetings however they are not eligible to hold an elected position or to vote.

  • Post volunteer and job opportunities.
  • Will not be given priority for professional development and will not be eligible for special programs such Scholarships, Awards and Grants. May incur a higher cost for professional development.

  • There are no dues for this membership level.

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