Connecting Colorado’s Jewish Teens

jHub For Parents

Parents of teens, jHub is a great resource for you, too. We are here to support you in all kinds of exciting ways as you look for opportunities to get or keep your teen involved in Jewish life. jHub has lots of exciting ideas and ways for teens to be involved in things that they’ll love, from ongoing programs to one-time events.

As new programs come online, we’ll add them to this website so keep checking back. We’ll also keep you informed about the programs you loved as a teen and let you know important facts including how some of the rules have changed since your teen years. For example, not all synagogue based youth groups require synagogue membership to participate and Israel Study Tour no longer has weekly classes prior to the trip. So make sure you fully explore all of the options for your teen and sign up for our newsletter to stay informed.


As part of our program, we are participating in a community-wide evaluation funded by the Rose Community Foundation and the Jim Joseph Foundation. A key component of this evaluation is surveys of teen participants and their parents by Informing Change (an independent consulting firm). We will be working with Informing Change to administer the surveys, and they will gather, store and analyze all the data, using it only for evaluative purposes. At no time will any data be reported on an individual or family basis. Responses to these surveys (both positive and negative) are helpful to us as part of our grant for the Initiative and for overall program improvement.  Please contact Informing Change Senior Associate Sheila Walsh (swalsh at if you have any questions about this survey, the evaluation or would like to withdraw yourself or your child at any point from the survey.

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