Connecting Colorado’s Jewish Teens

friendship circle


Friendship Circle of Colorado is a non-profit organization that provides a friend to special needs individuals of all faiths and backgrounds. Teen volunteers are assigned to a special friend at each monthly event to be their own personal buddy and to accompany them throughout the different activities. A sample of events that have taken place in the past are:  The Children’s Museum, The Wildlife Experience, and Bowling.
Everyone needs a friend and those with special needs make up 20% of the population.  Some people with special needs are lonely, isolated, and misunderstood.  They are often left out of birthday parties, holiday parties and big social events.  YOU can help break this cycle of loneliness and put a smile on a child’s face.
Added benefits to volunteering:

  • There are many scholarships available to college-bound students who work with special needs populations
  • Your experinece may help you figure out a career path
  • It will help you fullfill volunteer requirements; if you want to volunteer more than a few hours a month, there is also a weekly program.

For more information on volunteering, contact Cella Roberts,


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